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Image Test Worked

My Drafts and Shortcuts actions work. I run the action from Drafts, which opens Shortcuts to upload the selected image to the appropriate folder in Dropbox, copies the image name and file extension, returns to Drafts and pastes the image markdown link. This will save me a lot of time manually copying image names and typing the markdown links. This is the kind of automation I like.

5 February 2020

Testing Something with Drafts

Testing uploading an image to Blot and inserting the link via Drafts and shortcuts.

5 February 2020

Fantastical v3

I have really been enjoying the v3 update to Fantastical and plan on subscribing after the free trial1. The iOS version FINALLY has feature parity with the Mac version, which means the iOS version supports calendar sets, Travel Time, and time to leave notifications. I like that Fantastical can now send new event notifications for shared iCloud calendars. Fantastical is no longer limited to accounts configured on-device, you can sign into Todoist, Google, Exchange, and Office365 accounts (to name a few).

  1. Fantastical moving to a subscription has been discussed many other places. I use Fantastical so much that the subscription is worth it.

5 February 2020 · iOS · Apps

I am planning on making some changes to Thoughts Aloft.

I am planning on making some changes to Thoughts Aloft. I said planning on, not hoping to, because I want to get it in my head from the beginning that I will do it.

4 February 2020

Google Pixel 3 Camera

The camera was one of the things that drew me to the Pixel 3. It is simply fantastic.

Super-Res Zoom doesn’t seem to have gotten as much attention in reviews as Night Sight1 but it is still just as awesome as Night Sight. Super-Res Zoom uses the natural shakiness of the hand to fill in details that would normally be lost when using digital zoom.

Here are some pictures I took recently flying over Cuba en-route to Grand Cayman.

It is obvious which pictures2 are using Super-Res Zoom, but it is amazing to me that the pictures are as clear as they are. There is no pixelation as is common with digital zoom. They are not great pictures but they are usable pictures, which can’t always be said of digital zoom pictures.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the pictures were taken at 45,000ft!

  1. Which is amazing.

  2. The third and fourth pictures.

17 March 2019

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