Issues with my Mobile Blogging post workflows

Update: See this post for an update.

Short version is that everything still works.  I have noticed that some of the workflows that I mentioned in my mobile blogging made easier post have quit working the way they did when I wrote that post. The heart of the issue is how the Workflows app outputs the Rich Text after converting it from Markdown. Versions 1.0 & 1.1 of Workflows output the Rich Text with the syntax in place which basically made it a paste the results into Squarespace and hit publish affair. Since version 1.2, Workflows outputs the formatted Rich Text without the syntax and causes SquareSpace to not recognized imbedded links in the Rich Text. This has pretty much made these workflows useless at this point. I have reached out to the developers of Workflows to see if there is a way the previous output style could be turned into a new action. Once I hear back, I will post another update. Until then I was hoping to be able to hide that post until the issue could be corrected, but I don’t see an option for that so this update will have to do.

27 August 2015 · blogging

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