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Makerset Field Pen Compact Review August 2, 2018 Review & Makerset & Field Pen Makerset is a new company from the folks at Machine Era Co. According to their site, the purpose is to focus on their passion for writing tools. I Papermate InkJoy Gel Review May 15, 2017 inkjoy & papermate & Posts & review I know I’m not alone in doing this, but I have a habit of walking down the pen aisle whenever I go to a big-box store in the hopes that they have Machine Era Co Stainless Steel Pen Review April 25, 2016 Review & Machine Era & Brass If you have read my review of the Machine Era Co Brass Pen, then you know I am a big fan of that pen. It is a well-designed pocket pen that can Sunderland Mk1 Review March 14, 2016 Review & Sunderland & Kickstarter It’s no secret that I’m a fan of metal pens, especially machined pens that accept Pilot G2/Juice refills. I think part of the attraction to machined Machine Era Co. Brass Pen Review August 17, 2015 Review & Machine Era & Brass Hey, look. I managed to review a pen that hasn’t been reviewed countless times. I first heard about the Machine Era Co. Brass Pen through the Pen Karas Kustoms INK Review April 19, 2015 Review & Karas & Kustoms & INK I know things have been very quiet here the past few weeks and that has been due to me getting a new job. There was a lot of pre-employment stuff I Ateleia Brass Pen Review March 7, 2015 Review & Ateleia & Brass I first heard about and became interested in the Ateleia Craft brass pen when I read a review of it by Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post. The pen Mike Ti2 Design TechLiner Review February 18, 2015 TechLiner & Review When I first saw the TechLiner, I wasn’t sure about the look of the refill sticking out of a blunt end on the pen. I also let my previous thoughts Bic Steel Review January 28, 2015 Review & Bic No, this is not a review of a disposable razor, but the Bic Steel pen. This is a pen that I’ve had for a few years now. I picked it up from a Lamy 2000 Rollerball Review December 29, 2014 Review & Lamy The Lamy 2000 is a pen with a lot of history in its design which dates back to 1966. There has been a lot written about the design and construction Karas Kustoms Render K Review December 20, 2014 Review & Karas & Kustoms & Render K The Karas Kustoms Render K. I LOVE this pen. Done. The reviews over. You can stop reading now. Okay, maybe the review is not quite over yet so Pilot Elite 95s Review December 12, 2014 Review & Pilot & Elite Hey look, it’s my first pen review. I debated about which of my pens to review first and settled on my Pilot Elite 95s partially because there’s not