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Craft Review

I have really enjoyed using Craft the past few days. I tried using Notion a couple of times in the past but it never worked for me. Same with Evernote and Bear, I could never stick with them long term. I have always preferred folders for organization and tag based Note systems always caused me a lot of mental stress. Craft being a folder based system is what drew me to it after reading MacStories review. I downloaded it, thought this looks nice, and didn’t use it and deleted it.

I am reading through The Bible and wanted something to take and store notes in. I started out in Drafts, one of my most used apps but wasn’t entirely happy with it for that purpose. I reread MacStories review of Craft and decided to dive in again. I’m glad I did because Craft feels like home, even in the short time I’ve been using it.

In addition to the Bible study notes mentioned above, I am using Craft to keep track of books I want to read with links to the books on Amazon or Apple Books. As I was working on this post, I read Chris Hannah’s post on using Craft to write blog posts and laughed a little because my thoughts mirror his, except for him using Ghost. If I post something to, I’ll export it to Drafts and post it. If I post something to my Blot site, I can export the markdown file directly to the appropriate folder in Dropbox. If a post needs photos I use shortcuts to upload the photos to either my Blot assets folder or Both shortcuts resize the image, and copy the markdown image link to the clipboard. Here is the shortcut for Blot and here is the shortcut for

Craft is easily my favorite notes I have ever used. I always thought because of my job, I didn’t need a dedicated notes app other than Drafts but Craft has changed my mind.

9 February 2021

Testing Web Mentions

If I did everything correctly (fingers crossed), any replies to this post and future posts on will show up below).

Here’s hoping!

6 February 2021

Quick Test Post

This is a quick post to show how easy it is to publish to Blot with Draft.

26 January 2021

New iPad

I have been using an iPad Mini 2 since it was first released in 2013. I liked the size of it and it fits my needs as a content consumption device perfectly but it was starting to show it’s age. It had 16 GB of storage, so practically none, and was stuck on iOS 12. I thought about replacing it last year with the iPad 7 but wasn’t happy about the iPad 7 using the A10 processor which was three years old at the time. I also thought about the iPad Air but couldn’t afford it at the time nor could I justify the extra cost 1 when the base iPad would fit my needs just fine.

I starting getting excited when I started seeing rumors about an update to the iPad lineup this year. I had started leaning towards getting the iPad Air if the rumored updates didn’t come to fruition but held off and I’m glad I did. I love the look and design of the new iPad Air 4 but went with the iPad 8. The A14 processor sounds really interesting but the A12 in the iPad 8 will serve me just fine for the next few years. 2 I also bought a Logitech K480 keyboard which I am loving. I had purchased a small foldable keyboard with trackpad but the key layout was really weird (no command key to the left of the space bar) and couldn’t get used it. I may get a Smart Keyboard at some point but I think the K480 will serve me just fine. Now comes the hard part of learning the keyboard shortcuts of my most used apps.

  1. Even more so with the iPad Pro.

  2. The updated iPad Pros from earlier this year are still using a variation of the A12 so I’m not worried about the base A12 not being powerful enough.

24 September 2020 · mobile · iPad


I first heard about Hey when David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried started teasing it on Twitter earlier this year and was immediately intrigued. I’ve been a very happy Fastmail customer for years now 1 but liked what I was hearing about Hey and knew I was going to try it out.

I used Hey for a few days and then stopped using it. After I stopped using Hey is when I realized that my current email workflow (or lack thereof) wasn’t working for me and was causing me a lot of mental stress. Instead of trying to recreate Hey’s features (Screener, The Feed, and Paper Trail) in Fastmail, I decided to go all in on Hey.

These are some of the articles and video that helped me to better understand Hey. Josh Ginter’s review at The Sweet Setup, Matt Birchler’s video on his excellent YouTube channel A Better Computer, and a few articles by William Porter at

  1. I plan on keeping my Fastmail account active just in case.

6 August 2020 · apps · email

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