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Fantastical v3 February 5, 2020 iOS & Apps I have really been enjoying the v3 update to Fantastical and plan on subscribing after the free trial1. The iOS version FINALLY has feature parity Test Post From Drafts February 4, 2020 I am trying to troubleshoot something, so this is a simple test post I am planning on making some changes to Thoughts Aloft. February 4, 2020 I said planning on, not hoping to, because I want to get it in my head from the beginning Google Pixel 3 Camera March 17, 2019 The camera was one of the things that drew me to the Pixel 3. It is simply fantastic. Super-Res Zoom doesn’t seem to have gotten as much attention Android December 14, 2018 Mobile & Android & Apple & Google I have pretty much decided to get a Google Pixel 3 for my next phone. I’ve always been interested in Android but never switched. I won a BlackBerry Hello Again December 13, 2018 Just a quick post to say hello, and that I plan on posting here on a more regular basis Makerset Field Pen Compact Review August 2, 2018 Review & Makerset & Field Pen Makerset is a new company from the folks at Machine Era Co. According to their site, the purpose is to focus on their passion for writing tools. I This is a test post. March 22, 2018 Again Papermate InkJoy Gel Review May 15, 2017 inkjoy & papermate & Posts & review I know I’m not alone in doing this, but I have a habit of walking down the pen aisle whenever I go to a big-box store in the hopes that they have Sunderland Mk1 Now Available August 23, 2016 Kickstarter & Mk1 & Montblanc & Pilot & Posts & Sunderland Quick update: I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a new post on the site. Between work, a new addition to the family, and life in general, I was Ulysses v2.6 review August 8, 2016 Posts My favorite text editor, Ulysses, just received an update to version 2.6, and it is amazing. There are a few additions to Ulysses in v2.6 but the Slack as a Personal Information Center July 19, 2016 Center & Hub & Information & Posts & Slack Seth Clifford has started using Slack as a personal information center and it is one of the best uses for Slack that I have seen. I’m a member of a Refreshed in the Wind June 7, 2016 Posts I have always enjoyed watching airplanes take off and land, and fly overhead. As a kid, whenever we drove past an airport I remember looking as hard Karas Pen Co. Render K v2 Review May 19, 2016 Karas & Kustoms & Posts & Render K & v2 It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Karas Kustoms/Karas Pen Co. and the Render K is probably my favorite model. As I stated in my review of the Thoughts on iOS Third-Party Keyboards May 18, 2016 Gboard & ios & keyboards & Posts Update: Added a restriction that I was aware of but had forgotten about. Since Gboard was released last week, iOS third-party keyboards, and the Mobile Blogging with WordPress May 13, 2016 Posts & Ulysses & WordPress & Workflow The move to WordPress went very smoothly. The only minor hiccup I had was the images still pointed to Squarespace, so I had to download them and A New Experience April 29, 2016 Posts & aircraft I recently experienced something on a flight that neither the captain, the controller, or myself had EVER seen happen or even heard of happening. We Machine Era Co Stainless Steel Pen Review April 25, 2016 Review & Machine Era & Brass If you have read my review of the Machine Era Co Brass Pen, then you know I am a big fan of that pen. It is a well-designed pocket pen that can Mobile Blogging March 28, 2016 Blogging I guess you could call this an update of sorts to my Mobile blogging made easier post. In that post, I talked about converting Markdown text to Rich Flying with Fountain Pens Pt. II March 21, 2016 Fountain Pens This is a follow up to a post I did when I first started the blog. Even though I know that I can fly and use a fountain pen with no issues, I hadn’t Next page