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Colorado “Vacation” November 9, 2021 flying edit: Fixed Broken Image Links One thing I love about my job is always getting to go different places and places I’ve never been to before but more JUNE 2020 Colorado Pictures June 19, 2020 Flying Here are some pictures from Colorado I took flying over the last couple of days Aircraft De-Icing January 18, 2015 Aircraft & Anti-Icing & De-Icing & Flying & Icing It’s been a little while since I’ve done an aviation related post and thought that aircraft de-icing would be an approriate topic given the time of FAA MAGIC! December 7, 2014 FAA & Flying & Magic & Weight & Aircraft With the Christmas and Holiday season upon us, many of us will be flying to visit family and friends. If you are going to be flying, there is a good Flying with Fountain Pens December 4, 2014 Exploding & Flying & Fountain Pens & Leaking We’ve all heard the horror stories of exploding or leaking fountain pens in flight due to pressure changes from higher pressures on the ground, and