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Ulysses v2.6 review

My favorite text editor, Ulysses, just received an update to version 2.6, and it is amazing. There are a few additions to Ulysses in v2.6 but the biggest one has to be WordPress publishing for and self-hosted WordPress sites. This isn’t just a publish a draft to WordPress option, nuh-uh, this is a full-blown, do it how you want, WordPress publishing. Whether you want to publish immediately, schedule it for a particular date and time, or publish a draft, Ulysses can do it. Ulysses also includes options for excerpt, featured image, tags, post type, slug, and title link options. Simply put, you should have no problem publishing to WordPress the way you want. Though not part of the WordPress publishing option, support for exporting as Rich Text was added and may be useful for SquareSpace users.

I was lucky enough to get in on the beta around the same time I launched this site and moved Pens and Planes to WordPress and I’ve been using the WordPress publishing feature to publish my posts and it has worked flawlessly. Another new feature is Typewriter mode. Ulysses for Mac has had this for a long time but it’s new to the iOS version and I love it. I rarely use my Mac for writing and had never used Typewriter mode before and wasn’t sure how I would like it, but fell in love with it immediately. There are options to highlight the current line, sentence, or paragraph and an option to mark the current line which adds a grey box around the current line. Dropbox syncing was also added in v2.6 iCloud syncing has worked flawlessly for me with Ulysses and I don’t plan on changing to Dropbox syncing but I did try out Dropbox syncing and didn’t have any issues with it. The Soulmen also added what they call Quick Open which allows you to search your entire library for text, keywords, or group names. VoiceOver support for the entire app was added as well.

Ulysses is, without a doubt, my favorite writing app and version 2.6 makes it even better. Do yourself a favor and check it out. To read more about the version 2.6 update check out the blog post on the Ulysses site, Ben Brook’s review, Tim Nahumck’s review or Federico Viticci’s overview. Thanks for reading.

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