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Cursive to the Classroom

Earlier this year I posted about the CursiveLogic Kickstarter campaign, that was successfully funded. If you don’t remember it, CursiveLogic is a new method for teaching cursive that breaks the letters down into groups based on the shapes of the letters that was created by Linda Shrewsbury. Linda Shrewsbury and her team have a new Indiegogo campaign to try to get the CursiveLogic system and workbooks into the hands of teachers and students in schools. By supporting the Indiegogo project you will be sponsoring a workbook (or workbooks depending on your pledge level) but will also receive access to CursiveLogic’s online training seminar. You will have the option to designate a particular school to receive the workbooks you sponsor. If you or someone you know is a teacher and would be interested in requesting workbooks from the campaign, visit this website.

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