Mobile blogging made easier

Blogging on my iPad and iPhone just got a WHOLE lot easier.

I prefer writing in Markdown because I think it’s easier to remember and is easier to use than Rich Text Format. Trying to convert Markdown links to Rich Text proved to be problematic on my iPhone and iPad. I tried copying to the clipboard as HTML through Editorial and at first glance it looks like Rich Text but it screwed up the punctuation, for example didn’t became didn#39;t. I tried adding a Markdown block when editing my posts in the SquareSpace blog app but felt it was too much of a headache to do that everytime I wanted to add a link.

Now thanks to Workflow it’s not an issue anymore.

Workflow has a built in option to convert Markdown to Rich Text and I built a workflow to use with Editorial which copies the entire text runs the workflow and copied it to the clipboard. The Editorial workflow/action can be found here The workflow for the Workflow app can be found here
Both workflows must be installed to work properly. After the text is converted and copied you will be returned to Editorial.

I based my editorial around a similar one for Drafts 4 that I found in the Drafts Action Directory. That Drafts Action can be found here. It has a link to the required workflow for the Workflow app but here it is again.

The nice thing about these work flows is that converting the text doesn’t mess up any punctuation.

The use case for these may be limited but they are making mobile blogging so much easier. 

I know reading this sounds like an infomercial and that wasn’t my intent with this post and it’s not a type of post I see making often.  I just felt this was too good not to share, especially with more and more people working from mobile devices.

17 December 2014 · Blogging

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