I first heard about Hey when David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried started teasing it on Twitter earlier this year and was immediately intrigued. I’ve been a very happy Fastmail customer for years now 1 but liked what I was hearing about Hey and knew I was going to try it out.

I used Hey for a few days and then stopped using it. After I stopped using Hey is when I realized that my current email workflow (or lack thereof) wasn’t working for me and was causing me a lot of mental stress. Instead of trying to recreate Hey’s features (Screener, The Feed, and Paper Trail) in Fastmail, I decided to go all in on Hey.

These are some of the articles and video that helped me to better understand Hey. Josh Ginter’s review at The Sweet Setup, Matt Birchler’s video on his excellent YouTube channel A Better Computer, and a few articles by William Porter at Rucksack.tech

  1. I plan on keeping my Fastmail account active just in case.↩︎

6 August 2020 · apps · email

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